Wilfred Pritchard was born in the UK in 1970. Wilfred’s work is, thought provoking, controversial and non definable.

At the Birmingham Art Fair he will be exhibiting ‘Adolph Hitler or Mother Teresa?’ this is a controversial piece  which opens the door to heated debate on the topical subject of abortion and indeed the rights and wrongs in using this material as a work of art!

Wilfred is personally anti abortion; he has 11 children but defends the right to individual choice.

Wilfred will be exhibiting other pieces of sculpture at the fair; ‘The Vault’ which is from the same collection as the piece sold at Sotheby’s for £28,000 and ‘The Dance’ based on Matisse’s well known painting, ‘The Dance’.

Birmingham Art Fair is privileged to be exhibiting work by such a unique and topical artist.
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